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Your search for recipes by Dietary Info: Vegan found 256 recipes. Use the filters to alter your search as needed.

Kale Chips
Nonstick cooking spray, Kale, Vegetable oil, Soulful Seasoning
15 mins
Pasta with Garden Sauce
Vegetable oil, Onion, Bell pepper, Mushrooms, Water, Garlic, Dried oregano, Dried basil, Bay leaf, Tomato sauce, Tomato paste, Honey, Pasta, Salt
1 hr
Three Bean Chili
Vegetable oil, Onion, Garlic, Zucchini, Corn, Bell peppers, Black pepper, Salt, Chili powder, Ground cumin, Pinto beans, Black beans, Red beans, Diced tomatoes, Molasses
45 mins
Tangy Cabbage
Vegetable oil, Onion, Salt, Black pepper, Garlic, Water, Apple cider vinegar, Cabbage
30 mins
Spinach and Citrus Salad
Spinach, Oranges, Almonds, Dried cranberries, Vegetable oil, Orange juice, Rice vinegar
15 mins
Roasted Root Vegetables
Nonstick cooking spray, Beets, Carrots, Sweet potatoes, Thyme, Fresh parsley, Salt, Vegetable oil
40 mins
Black-Eyed Peas and Okra
Vegetable oil, Onion, Garlic, Okra, Corn, Black-eyed peas, Red chili peppers, Green onion, Cherry tomatoes, Salt, Black pepper
50 mins
Strawberry Banana Oatmeal
Water, Quick cooking oats, Strawberries, Banana, Ground cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Vanilla extract, Raisins
15 mins
Chilled Honeydew Quencher
Tapioca, Water, Honeydew, Sugar
35 mins
Lotus Root Mushroom Vegetarian Soup
Mushrooms, Black-eyed peas, Lotus root, Water, Dried orange peel, Peanuts, Chestnuts, Red dates, Sweet dates, Salt
3 hrs 10 mins
Sweet & Savory Burger
Sweet potato, Onion, Garlic, Oats, Ground cumin, Salt, Vegetable oil, Lettuce leaves, Whole wheat hamburger buns, Tomatoes, Nonstick cooking spray
50 mins
Mango-Cucumber Wrap
Carrot, Mango, Cucumber, Rice paper, Mint leaves
15 mins