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Help your kids grow strong by building healthy bodies.

"My kids whine for chips and cookies."

  • Make sure fruits and veggies are washed, cut, and ready to eat when your kids are hungry. 
  • Let your kids be "produce pickers." Help them pick fruits and veggies at the store.
  • Store fruits and veggies in clear containers on refrigerator shelves instead of in drawers.
  • Show your kids how to snack healthy by choosing fruits, veggies, nuts and cheese instead of processed snack foods.
  • Serve tap water to help children stay cool and healthy—it's free and easy!
  • Serve fat-free or low-fat milk at meals.
Try This

The next time you shop, wash and cut veggies right when you get home. Store in the fridge where your kids can reach them easily.

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