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Eating a balanced diet of fresh, whole foods is a very important part of being healthy, but there are other things that are also important. Explore the posts below for tips to put you and your family on a path to better health.

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Preparing to cook is as important as cooking.
Learning to adapt a recipe means you will cook more often.
Following a recipe is a good way to learn to cook.
Chopping onions is easy if you learn the right technique.
Knowing a little about knives makes cooking at home easier.
Help your kids wash their hands properly
Defrost safely.
Roasting is an easy and tasty way to prepare food.
Broiling cooks meat quickly without drying it out.
Steaming is a quick and healthy way to cook foods.
Sautéing uses less oil than frying, but foods are still tasty.
If you qualify, a simple and confidential application will get your kids free meals at school.

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