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Gradually include more whole grains in your diet.

"I don't like how brown rice tastes."

Photo of uncooked grains in a white mug

"I don't like how brown rice tastes."

  • Switch to brown rice or mix brown rice and white rice together.
  • Try whole wheat pasta. Start by eating it with a heavier sauce like tomato sauce.
  • Choose bread with "whole wheat" listed as the FIRST ingredient.
  • Experiment with whole grains like quinoa, bulgar wheat, couscous, wheat berries, and barley. Use them in salads for extra fiber.
  • Choose whole wheat or corn tortillas and whole wheat pita bread. Use them for wraps/sandwiches or top them like with veggies, sauce, and cheese to make pizza
Try This

Buy a pound of brown rice this week and try it mixed with white rice.

Eating Whole Grains

Explains why whole grains are important and how to gradually start using whole wheat flour.

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