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Making a budget helps you spend your money wisely.

"I don't have enough money to buy healthy foods."

  • Keep track of your grocery receipts or collect store circulars to become familiar with food prices. Use these food prices to make a grocery list and meal plan.
  • Knowing exactly what you can spend your money on will reduce impulse purchases, which are usually less healthy choices.
  • Meals made at home usually cost less than packaged and prepared products. Buy the fresh ingredients and make those meals yourself.
  • Double or triple the recipe and use leftovers in different ways throughout the week. Refrigerate or freeze leftovers immediately after the meal so nothing goes to waste. Even better, cook large amounts over the weekend and reheat throughout the week.
Try This

Can you think of a time when you spent money on snacks or drinks that you don't need to keep healthy? Consider not making that purchase this week.

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