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Shopping smart can save you money.

"I always spend more than I want to at the grocery store and I run out of money at the end of the month."

  • Plan your meals for a few days and then make a grocery list before you shop.
  • Try buying small amounts of dry foods in bulk—they cost less than pre-packaged foods.
  • Generic products are a good choice because they are often identical to brand name products in everything but price. Look at the unit price to see which one is less expensive.
  • Focus your shopping around the perimeter of the store because fresh and frozen foods are usually located there. By contrast, the inner aisles contain processed and packaged foods.
  • Real labels to determine the best options for low-salt and low-sugar foods.
  • Compare prices to understand the unit price.
  • When at the grocery store, ask yourself: Is this in season? How will I use this? Is this a good value for the price?
Try This

The next time you shop, show your kids one of the grocery store's "tricks" listed on this page so they will be savvy shoppers when they grow up.

Cut Your Grocery Bill by up to 50%