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A basic soup or stew is nourishing, inexpensive, and flexible.

"I never follow recipes—I prefer to just cook with what I have."

  • Soups are great dishes to use what you already have on hand and improvise! Almost any vegetable can be thrown into a soup or stew and it will just make the soup taste better.

  • Soups and stews can be made to last for many meals. Simply add more water or broth to make more soup.

  • Use the cheaper cuts of meats for soups and stews since they become tender when cooked for a long time.

  • Soups freeze well. If you make a very large pot and freeze the leftovers, you can defrost them later.

  • Add a hearty grain to your soup to make it more filling. Barley, farro, and brown rice hold up well in soups.

  • Frozen and canned vegetables are easy additions to soups.

Try This

Make a soup this week with the leftovers in your fridge.

Reinvent Your Leftovers into a Delicious Soup!
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