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Sweet Bell Peppers

Photo of red, orange, and yellow peppers
Photo of many red peppers
Photo of yellow and orange bell peppers
Photo credits (left to right): Photo credits (top to bottom): Flickr: Katili; Flickr: cobblucas; Flickr: jdn

Foods Included

Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Purple Bell Peppers


Sweet bell peppers are glossy, bell-shaped vegetables that come in a variety of colors. Green and purple bell peppers taste slightly bitter compared to the much sweeter red, orange, and yellow bell peppers.

Buy It

  • Look for firm, shiny, bright colored peppers with no browning or soft spots.

Store It

  • Store peppers in plastic bag in refridgerator for 3-4 days.

Cook It

  • Wash before using them; cut around stem then pull on it to remove core and seeds; cut pepper in half and trim remaining membrane.
  • Eat them raw, grilled, sauteed, or roasted; microwave in covered dish with a little water for 4-6 min or until tender

Why It's Great

  • Vitamin A keeps our eyes working, our immune system strong, and our cells growing.
  • B Vitamins helps our cells grow and stay healthy.
  • Vitamin C keeps our immune system strong and helps our bodies heal quickly.
  • Vitamin K helps our bodies heal quickly.
  • Fiber helps with healthy digestion and keeps us feeling full.  Eating enough fiber has been shown to keep our hearts healthy too.
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin are important for keeping our eyes and skin healthy.


Try It

BBQ Turkey in Pepper Shells
35 mins
Potato Sauté with Onions and Bell Peppers
45 mins
Photo of Potato Saute in a bowl
Moroccan-Style Stuffed Peppers
1 hr 15 mins
Photo of prepared Moroccan-style Stuffed Peppers
Red and Yellow Bell Pepper Omelets
25 mins
Sesame Chicken with Peppers and Snow Peas
30 mins
Photo of prepared Sesame Chicken and Peas
Stuffed Bell Peppers
5 hrs 10 mins

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