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I am looking for a non-sugar, non-dairy cookie mix – does this exist?

What a great question, and yes, no sugar/no dairy cookies do exist!  Below is a simple 2 ingredient recipe for a naturally sweet cookie.

It can be easy to change a recipe when you make it yourself. You can swap out ingredients that are healthier or change ingredients for another ingredient! Think walnuts for chocolate chips or even dried cranberries for raisins!  Cooking from scratch allows you to save money, make healthier choices and lets you be creative in the kitchen!  

I am renting a room in a person's home, and don't have complete access to the kitchen except for the fridge and a microwave. How can I cook healthy meals with these restrictions?

Great question! We have recipes on EatFresh.org specifically for those who don't have access to a full kitchen. You can narrow down your search results on the recipe page by using the "Limited Kitchen" filter under Cooking Environment. These include no-cook recipes and recipes that can be made with an appliance, like a microwave, blender, slow cooker, or rice cooker. There are over 200 recipes on EatFresh.org in that category!