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How long does chicken last in the freezer?


Hi there and thank you for your question!

This can depend on the type of chicken you have stored in your freezer. For best quality, taste and texture, it is recommended to:

  • Freeze whole raw chicken up to one year
  • Freeze chicken parts or pieces up to 9 months
  • Freeze chicken casseroles or pieces covered with broth or gravy up to 6 months 
  • Freeze chicken giblets or ground chicken 3 to 4 months
  • Freeze cooked chicken up to 4 months
  • Freeze chicken nuggets or patties 1 to 3 months (1)

You can learn more on cooking, preparing and storing chicken safely here. Remember to defrost your frozen chicken safely

Hope this helps!



Anna Ng, RD



1. "Chicken from Farm to Table." US Department of Agriculture. Updated Nov 14, 2019. Accessed December 20, 2020.

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