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Is it ok to eat raw eggs?


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I do not encourage anyone to eat raw eggs or any foods or mixtures, such as cookie dough, that contain raw eggs. Eating raw eggs can be harmful and can make us very sick, especially if the eggs are infected by harmful bacteria (Salmonella Enteritidis) (1).

If a recipe does not call for the eggs to be cooked or heated, it is recommended to choose eggs that are pasteurized, which means they have been heated to kill bacteria and may be safer to use. To be on the safer side, I suggest choosing recipes that call for cooked eggs. Cook your eggs until the yolks are firm and cook foods containing eggs thoroughly.

Practice cooking safely and try one of our egg recipes this week!


Hope this helps! 





1. USDA. “Food Safety Education: Shell Eggs From Farm to Table.” 2016. Retrieved from



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