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I'm 59 now and my recent check up showed I have red blood cells and protein in my urine. What food should I take to improve my condition? I'm quite worried about the red blood cell. I have tried some time but it is still there(RBC).

Hi, thank you for your question. 

There are many things that can cause protein and blood in the urine. It is important that you discuss these urine-test results with your doctor who may be able to identify the underlying cause and proceed with any treatment necessary. 

There are also some resources on Eatfresh.org on reducing your stress if you are feeling stressed and worried

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I have been trying to lose weight for months and I just can't do it. I'm 161 right now and want to be about 135-140. I have been looking up diets and none seem to work. I just recently saw the acv and k2 slim keto pill but Im scared and just need advice.

Hello and thank you for submitting to Ask a Dietitian!
Approaches like weight loss pills and supplements that promise quick weight loss may not be effective and often are not supported by strong scientific data.There are many other factors that influence your weight other than what you eat and how much you exercise, such as your age, sex, genetics  and even stress.1
We are naturally wired to maintain a weight that is biologically ideal for us.2 Following a strict diet and exercise plan can negatively affect t

I am diabetic. Family doctor has me eating 50 carbs(or as close to it). At night, I want snacks. Could you suggest something besides carrots and celery?

Hi, thank you for your question!

Unfortunately, I cannot provide answers to medical nutrition therapy questions over the internet. I encourage you to ask your doctor for a referal to see a registered dietitian who will be able to help you with the details of your diabetes management.

However, you can find over 50 low added sugar snack recipes on our Recipes page. 

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