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If a meal has 400 calories and I divide it in two, does that make each portion 200 calories?

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If you divide the meal into two equal portions, then you are correct! Each portion will approximately have 200 calories.

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Two weeks into a strict food diet plan and exercise and not seeing any results

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Most approaches that promise quick weight loss may not show results and often are supported by poor scientific data.There are many other factors that influence your weight other than what you eat and how much you exercise, such as your age, sex, genetics  and even stress.1 

I have been struggling to gain weight and muscle for years now with a BMI averaging around 18-19. Can you recommend any healthy options for increasing calories and gaining weight? I am also on a budget, so inexpensive options would be appreciated!

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Generally, consuming more calories through food and weight training can support with gaining weight and building muscle - but only up to a certain extent. Genetics largely contribute to your body type therefore your body is naturally wired to maintain a weight and shape that is biologically ideal and healthy for you.1,2 It may be not sustainable and could also be harmful to your health if your body goes through extreme changes.