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Meal Plan: Avocados Galore! 4 Delicious Avocado Dishes

These dishes have several ingredients in common—avocados, chicken, and tortillas. They would make great dinners to spread out over the course of the week.

Yucatan Chicken Tacos
Balsamic vinegar, Canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, Garlic salt, Chicken breast, Cabbage or prepared coleslaw mix, Red onion, Corn tortillas, Anejo cheese, Avocado
20 mins
Avocado Garden Salad
Salad greens, Tomatoes, Green onions, Cucumber, Lemon juice, Garlic powder, Black pepper, Salt, Avocado
20 mins
Tortilla Soup
Onion, Chicken broth, Chicken breasts, Chayote squash, Pinto beans, Chili powder, Garlic powder, Tortillas, Avocado
40 mins
Healthy Tuna Salad
Avocados, Tuna, Lemon, Olive oil, Onion, Celery, Parsley, Salt, Black pepper
10 mins