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Meal Plan: 5 Healthy Side Dishes for Celebrations

Parytgoers are always happy to see flavorful, fun dishes that are also healthy. All of these dishes can be made in advance.

Pork and Shrimp Spring Rolls
Shrimp, Pork loin, Rice noodles, Lettuce, Cucumber, Fresh mint, Cilantro, Rice paper wrappers, Vegetable oil, Garlic, Hoisin sauce, Peanut butter, Water, Rice vinegar, Cornstarch
45 mins
Moroccan Carrot Salad
Carrots, Onion, Lemon, Canola oil, Curry powder, Salt, Black pepper, Raisins
20 mins
Herbed Potato Salad
Red potatoes, Italian dressing, Spicy brown mustard, Parsley, Garlic salt, Black pepper, Red bell pepper, Green bell pepper, Green onions
20 mins
Bulgur wheat, Water, Cucumber, Tomato, Green onions, Fresh mint, Fresh parsley, Fresh lemon juice, Olive oil, Black pepper
40 mins
Mango and Black-Eyed Pea Salsa
Black-eyed peas, Tomatoes, Mango, Green onions, Vegetable oil, White vinegar, Lime, Ground cumin, Garlic powder
15 mins