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What should I do to prevent bone loss?


Hi there and thank you for your question!

Our bones naturally weaken as we age, but there are ways to keep our bones (and teeth) strong and healthy.

  • Getting enough calcium, vitamin D and quality protein, such as poultryeggs, and fish can help us build and maintain strong bones (1).
  • Weight-bearing and resistance exercises, such as running, dancing, swimming and weight lifting, can also promote bone health (1). 
  • Building healthy life habits can also improve our bone health such as quit smoking, limit alcohol consumption, eat a balanced diet and stay active (1).

Here are some health Lifestyle pages that you may find helpful: 


Hope these are helpful!



Anna Ng, RD 



1. "What You Can Do Now to Prevent Osteoporosis." The Johns Hopkins University. Accessed December 2020.

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