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My child can live off of bean and cheese burritos if I allowed her to. She loves fruits and vegetables but Im concerned that her intake of pinto/peruvian beans may lead to obesity. She's currently 14yrs old, 5'0, 106lbs and has Down Syndrome.

Hello there! 

Having picky eaters in a family can be a challenge when you are trying to make sure they are eating healthy.  You should be happy that your daughter is choosing healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and even beans!  Beans are a good source of protein and a good source of fiber.  The fiber will help her stay full and the protein is good for her muscles.  Her love of cheese and bean burritos can be a good thing...but I bet it could be even better!

My daughter's father doesn't eat 'regular' food and its starting to make my daughter become more and more picky when it comes to what she eats. What can I make so that she'll actually eat and enjoy it.

Thank you for your question! Picky eating can occur throughout many stages- from toddlers to teens. It’s wonderful that you have your daughter’s health in mind so let’s take a look at a few resources that might be helpful for you:

Try finding easy cooking tasks your daughter can do by herself. Cooking the foods herself might make her more interested in eating them.

·        Depending on how old your child is: