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My child is autistic and a picky eater. How can I introduce new foods into her diet?


Hi there and thank you for your question!

This is very normal and a particularly characteristic of children on the autism spectrum. Children on the autism spectrum want sameness and are distressed by unfamiliar food (1). They may also be sensitive to tastes and textures, have a strong gag reflex, and even throw up easily (1). 

This can make introducing new foods very challenging, but you are not alone in this! I encourage you to ask your child’s doctor for a referral to see a registered dietitian who is specialized in this area and can provide more guidance around mealtime for you and your child. 

You can find more tips for feeding children on our Lifestyle pages. We also have over 100 kid-friendly recipes that you may find helpful (and hopefully successful).

I hope this helps!



Anna Ng, RD 

  1. Satter, E. "Picky eating: Born or made?" Retrieved from


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