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The first hour or two following birth is considered the "golden hour" and allows you time to establish breastfeeding.


"At the hospital, when should I start breastfeeding?"

Photo of mom nursing her child

"At the hospital, when should I start breastfeeding?"

  • Have a breastfeeding plan that you share with your doctor so that as long as mom and baby are healthy, hospital routines do not interrupt your precious “golden hour” with your baby.
  • When your baby is born, your baby should be given to you for skin to skin cuddle time. This cuddle time encourages baby bonding.
  • Skin to skin contact establishes brain connections in both you and your baby helping to create lasting bonds.
  • Hormones involved in milk production and let down are stimulated by close contact with your baby.
Try This

Ask for assistance in the hospital from an International Board Certified Lactaction Consultant (IBCLC).

Skin to Skin Contact

Dr. Nils Bergman explains the importance of skin to skin contact between mother and baby right after birth.

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