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How can I help my 5 year old daughter lose weight? I feed her healthy food and she drinks plenty of water but it's not helping. The doctor keeps on telling me she is overweight.

Thank you for submitting your question to EatFresh.org.  You want to your daughter to be healthy. You offer your daughter healthy food and plenty of water, yet her doctor tells you she's overweight.  Without more detailed health and diet information, I cannot provide specific recommendations for your daughter.  

I have been trying to lose weight for a long time with no success. I am trying to figure out how to keep my carbs low and increase my proteins along with having a steady weight decrease.

The most important factor to weight management is not to focus on a low carbohydrate diet, but to follow a balanced diet. Following MyPlate recommendations will help you consume a balanced diet. Carbohydrates are an important energy source and should be 45-65% of our calorie intake, but some are better than others for our health. Choose whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy sources.

Hi, Are protein shakes bad for you? Or is it okay to drink them for weight loss?

Thank you for your question. Because I do not know the types of protein shakes you are consuming, your weight loss goals, or medical your history, it would be best to talk to your healthcare provider.  Ask if your doctor can refer you to a dietitian who you can meet with you in person. Protein is an important source of energy, and we are usually able to meet our protein needs through the foods we eat.

Hi, I'm 52 years old, I'm a diabetic, and I have high cholesterol. I'm 5'3 and weigh 240 lbs. I get $194.00 in food stamps. I've tried to lose weight but I haven't. $194.00 just isn't enough. Can you help?

It can be a challenge to eat a healthy, balanced diet on a budget, especially when you have additional health concerns to consider.

The first step is to speak with your health care professional to discuss your meal goals that take the diabetes and high cholesterol into account. Ask if your doctor can refer you to a dietitian who you can meet with in person or a nutrition classes that you can attend to help you develop food and physical activity goals.