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I have been trying to lose weight for months and I just can't do it. I'm 161 right now and want to be about 135-140. I have been looking up diets and none seem to work. I just recently saw the acv and k2 slim keto pill but Im scared and just need advice.

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Approaches like weight loss pills and supplements that promise quick weight loss may not be effective and often are not supported by strong scientific data.There are many other factors that influence your weight other than what you eat and how much you exercise, such as your age, sex, genetics  and even stress.1
We are naturally wired to maintain a weight that is biologically ideal for us.2 Following a strict diet and exercise plan can negatively affect t

Hey, I’m trying to lose weight and it’s been going pretty well (10 kg in the past 5 months). But approximately every 3 weeks I will just start going on a binge for a couple of days eating as much chocolate as I can. I feel physically sick but can’t stop.

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Binging is a natural reponse to dieting and deprivation.1 Our bodies are naturally wired to maintain a weight that is biologically ideal and healthy for us, also known as your “setpoint.”2 The system in which our brains and bodies work together to maintain our weight only works if we allow it to do so. Changes, like restriction, in our diet can negatively affect this system.

I'm 20 yo. And my height is 167cm, weight 70, what is the best diet that i can do? I check my bmi, the result is i'm in obese lv 1, thats really stress me enough, my activity is only study in university and doin' several laboratory act in microbiology lab

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There is not one way of eating that is best for everyone. Following a strict diet can actually negatively affect the signals between your mind and body that help you regulate your appetite and weight. Decades of research show a majority of people who engage in restrictive eating habits are more likely to regain the weight they lost.

Hello, I have chronic pancreatitis and have lost a lot of weight. Do you have any dietary suggestions for gaining the weight back in a healthy manner?

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Chronic pancreatitis is a serious health condition. It is best to discuss this question with your doctor who is more familiar with your personal health history and current treatment plan. I highly encourage you to ask your doctor for a written referral to see a dietitian.

I don’t eat a lot and I do sports and I sweat and eat very little yet I'm not even losing weight?? What do I do and what does this mean? Can you please help me.

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There are numerous factors that influence your weight other than exercise and what you consume, such as your age, gender, genetics, and even stress.1 Our bodies are naturally wired to maintain a weight that is biologically ideal for us, but this only works if we allow our bodies to do so.By respecting your hunger and listening to your body, you can allow your body to guide you in doing what it was designed to do - keep you safe and maintain a weight that is right for you!