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Photo of a glass of water with ice
Photo of a pitcher of water refilling a glass
Photo of a slice of lime being splashed into a glass of water
Photo credits (left to right): Photo credits (top to bottom): Flickr: [cipher]; Flickr: theowl84; Flickr: Christopher Craig

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Tap water, Sparkling water, Seltzer water, Still water


Water is essential for our bodies because it is in every single cell, tissue, and organ. We need to drink water throughout the day in order to replace the water we lose through everyday activities and basic functioning of our body. Choose water to drink to reduce calories and save money. Many vegetables and fruits have high water content and can contribute to your daily water intake.

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  • The least expensive water comes from the tap! Fill a reuseable water bottle with tap water and take it with you.
  • Refill your water bottle at drinking fountains when needed.
  • Bottled water is expensive and many brands have been tested and shown to be no better than tap water. Desposible plastic bottles are also very wasteful and harmful to our planet.

Why It's Great

  • Drink water throughout the day to help keep you hydrated and energized.
  • Sometimes we feel hungry when we're actually thirsty. Try drinking water before reaching for a snack to see if it satisfies you.

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