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Foods Included

Dwarf yellow coconut, Dwarf orange coconut, Golden Malay coconut, Dwarf green coconut, Fiji Dwarf (Niu Leka), Green Malay coconut, King coconut, Makapuno coconut, Maypan coconut, Nawassi coconut, Yellow Malay coconut, Yellow coconut, Red coconut, Green coconut


Whole coconuts can be difficult to open. Some are sold with small cracks already. A few taps around the tips with a hammer should open a coconut.

Buy It

Choose coconuts that are heavy. They should have no soft or moldy spots on the "eyes.” If you shake the coconut, you may be able to hear liquid inside.

Store It

Store whole coconut on the counter for a few months. Once opened, refrigerate in a plastic bag. Opened coconut keeps for up to one week.

Cook It

  • To open, hold the coconut over a bowl. Tap firmly down the center line with the dull side of a cleaver. Turn the coconut several times as you tap, until you see it crack open. Pry the two sides apart and drain the liquid in the bowl.
  • The liquid can be enjoyed as a beverage.
  • Bake the halves at 400˚F for 20 minutes to help separate the meat from the shell.
  • Use a flat screwdriver to wedge pry the meat and shell apart.
  • Using a peeler, remove the skin of the meat. Then grate or grind the meat as you like.

Why It's Great

Cholesterol free, very low sodium, good source of fiber.

Try It

Grilled Fish with Mango and Coconut Salad
20 mins
Coconut Cassava Mash
40 mins
Photo of prepared Coconut Cassava Mash
Winter Vegetables in Coconut Sauce
4 hrs 30 mins
Winter Vegetables in Coconut Sauce

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