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Loretta de Guzman, RD
Location: San Francisco, CA
Organization: Leah's Pantry
Favorite Vegetable: Any leafy green veggie!


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We don't have a recipe on for apple cider, but if you're looking for apple recipes, you can search for "apple" on the Recipes page -- there are 40 recipes!
Thank you for your question. Without knowing your health history, it is difficult to know your health needs. It would be best to talk with your healthcare provider about your diet....
Thank you for your question. According to the American Diabetes Association, coconut palm sugar can be used as a sugar. “It is okay for people with diabetes to use coconut palm...
Thank you for your question! I will refer you to a previously answered question about weight loss.It is also important to read nutrition labels when choosing healthy options. When...
The adequate intake (AI) for potassium for adults in 4700mg per day.  Potassium can be found in foods like vegetables, fruit, and milk products. Foods high in potassium include...


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