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I am looking for a non-sugar, non-dairy cookie mix – does this exist?

What a great question, and yes, no sugar/no dairy cookies do exist!  Below is a simple 2 ingredient recipe for a naturally sweet cookie.

It can be easy to change a recipe when you make it yourself. You can swap out ingredients that are healthier or change ingredients for another ingredient! Think walnuts for chocolate chips or even dried cranberries for raisins!  Cooking from scratch allows you to save money, make healthier choices and lets you be creative in the kitchen!  

I am renting a room in a person's home, and don't have complete access to the kitchen except for the fridge and a microwave. How can I cook healthy meals with these restrictions?

Great question! We have recipes on EatFresh.org specifically for those who don't have access to a full kitchen. You can narrow down your search results on the recipe page by using the "Limited Kitchen" filter under Cooking Environment. These include no-cook recipes and recipes that can be made with an appliance, like a microwave, blender, slow cooker, or rice cooker. There are over 200 recipes on EatFresh.org in that category!

I am a vegetarian and looking for a good substitute for the shrimp in the "Shrimp & Grits" recipe. Do you have any ideas?

You can try substituting spicy vegetarian sausages (1 sausage per serving) for the shrimp since that will go well with the flavors in the Shrimp and Grits recipe. Firm tofu may also work as a substitute.

Leave a comment on the recipe once you've made the dish to let us know how it goes!

Would you please explain about arsenic in brown rice, and how to cook the rice to reduce arsenic levels? Thank you, Jennifer

Hi Jennifer,

Arsenic is naturally found in the earth's crust, so it's in our soil and water. It has also be introduced into the environemtn through the use of pesticides and poultry fertilizer. Rice tends to absorb arsenic more than many other plants that we eat.

Arsenic levels are higher in brown rice than in white rice because arsenic accumulates in the grain's outer layers. Those layers are removed to make white rice. However, brown rice has more nutrients so it's still the best choice for a healthy diet.

What's a good fish to bake and a good way to bake it? I don't like the lemon taste. Also, I don't like baked fish. I need to eat fish twice a week.

Hi there!  Baked fish is an excellent way to prepare fish and not too hard.  Many kinds of fish are good to bake in the oven, salmon, cod, tilapia, etc.  Be sure the fish is completely defrosted and pat dry with a paper towel before preparing to bake.  Preheat the oven to 375 F (for a thin fish - like tilapia) or 425 F for a dense fish (salmon or cod).  Brush the top of the fish with olive oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper and garlic powder.