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Can you send me a diet plan to help me lose weight? I'm 24 years old 5'0" 194 pounds.

I'm glad you've decided to make a plan to get to a healthier weight! Without knowing more specifics about your health, I can't provide a diet plan for you. However, weight loss can be achieved over time through making small changes to your diet. Crash diets or anything too restrictive may result in weight loss in the beginning, but you may gain this weight back. Long-term weight loss requires a change to your entire lifestyle and diet that you maintain for life.

Can you send me a daily meal plan to help me lose weight? I'm 43 years old. Male. 210 pounds 5 feet 9 inches. Thank you in advance

I am glad you found EatFresh.org, this is a great place to get healthy, easy recipes the whole family will enjoy. Although it can be difficult to provide personalized nutrition recommendations over the internet, meal planning can be very helpful to keep on-track for healthy eating. I recommend checking out the USDA’s Supertracker.

My daughter is 12, has Autism and is overweight. How can I get her on the right path to foods that are good for her versus the fast food her grandparents feed her? My daughter is willing to change. We just need to know how to start.

The best way to get your daughter on the right path is for you to decide what food your child is offered. Stand strong and stick with your authority, especially with the grandparents. Ask them to respect your food choices for your child. The best nutrition goal for your daughter is to learn to eat your family’s food and enjoy family mealtime. Make meal times a priority by setting a positive example with your family and take time to fully enjoy your food. Eating too fast or when your attention is elsewhere may lead to over eating.  

I eat too many sugars and sweets. My preferences are for fruits. I like spaghetti, pizza, and Mexican food.

If you are eating too many sweets, you could be putting yourself at risk of developing diabetes. According to the Center for Disease control and Prevention (CDC), as many as one in three adults could have Diabetes by 2050. Diabetes is a disease associated with other medical complications, reduced quality of life, and shortened life expectancy.

I have a 28 month old daughter who is an extremely picky eater. She already sees a Gastroenterologist because she's been underweight for her age since birth. What are the healthiest and foods containing most protein besides peanut butter? SUGGESTIONS?

It really can be tough to get toddlers to eat new foods. Right now, it’s important that you continue to offer foods to your daughter, even if she refuses them. It can take 10-12 times of offering a food for a child to decide to eat it. This can feel discouraging, but know that you are not alone in this challenge! I would suggest giving her small portions of a variety of foods that you eat, you don’t need to buy expensive specialized baby food for her.

I am currently nursing twins, my appetite has been crazy to the point where I am now weighing more than I did after the babies were born, how can I keep up with my calorie intake to nurse the babies but still eat food that are healthy?

Wow, congratulations on twins! It’s wonderful that you are taking steps to make sure you are eating a healthy diet while nursing them.

It is important that you eat enough to keep your milk supply up, but your energy needs are just a little higher than before pregnancy. Milk production can decrease in mothers if intake is suboptimal, and breast milk will reflect the nutrient diet of the maternal diet. Getting enough fluid (drink mostly water!) and adequate rest is also very important.