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How can I boost my metabolism?

Hello there and thank you for your question!

Metabolism is the chemical reaction that happens in our bodies.  It is usually associated with how many calories we burn.  So the higher the metabolism the more calories we burn, which it turns can help you lose weight and keep it off.  Based on what the science says, here are a few ways to help boost your metabolism:

Hello! I'm in a play in 3 weeks and I need to lose some weight to fit into my costume. I'm a 5'10 17yo female and I weigh 174 lbs. I have 3 weeks to drop 9 or 10 pounds. How can I do this healthily?

Hello there and congratulations on acting in a play!  How exciting for you!

Losing weight is a game of patience.  Our bodies gets used to the weight we currently are at and fights to lose weight, which is why it usually takes time to lose weight.  A healthy weight loss can be 0.5 lb to 2 lbs/week.  This page from an older question on losing weight may give you some ideas on how to lose weight eating a balanced diet.

Good luck!