Brown Rice Sushi

Brown Rice Sushi
Budget-friendly recipe
2 hours 0 mins.

Brown rice is a good alternative to white rice as it includes fiber which helps to prevent constipation. The bran content is rich in B-complex vitamins and minerals.


What You'll Need

  • Rice cooker
  • Large pan or tray
  • Measuring cups
  • Measuring spoons
  • Cutting board
  • Chef knife
  • Medium-sized pot


  1. Using a measuring cup supplied by your rice cooker manufacturer, measure 3 cups of brown rice. Lightly rinse in water. Drain out water after wash. Cook according to rice cooker manufacturer’s instructions for regular brown rice.
  2. After rice is cooked, pour into a large pan or tray, add rice vinegar and sugar to cooked brown rice. Mix well.
  3. Wash pickled daikon and cucumbers and cut each one into 6 long strips.
  4. Cut avocado into half, remove skin and pit, and cut each half into 6 slices.
  5. Boil shrimp in hot water until cooked, when shrimp turns pink. Set aside.
  6. Place Nori sheet horizontally in front. Spread rice evenly on sheet; place 2 cucumber strips, 2 pickled daikon strips, 2 pieces avocado and 2 shrimp in the middle of rice.
  7. Roll up tightly using sushi rolling mat. Cut sushi approximately 3⁄4 inches in width and serve.

Nutrition Info and more

Serving size:
Total calories:
Total fat:
4 g
Saturated fat:
1 g
57 g
8 g
4 g
69 mg
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