Star Fruit

Foods Included

Carambola, Carambolo, Tamarindo chino, Tamarindo culi, Balimbin, Fruta china, Belimbing


The star fruit makes perfect stars when cut crosswise. It is usually yellow-green to orange in color and contains small seeds. Its flesh has a flavor like a tart plum. It is sometimes called a carambola.

Buy It

Select firm, shiny star fruit without a lot of brown on the skin.

Store It

Ripen on the counter until they have a fruity smell. Then refrigerate for up to a week.

Cook It

Use a knife to cut the fruit across the broad side, dividing it into star-shaped slices. The skin is edible. Star fruit can be enjoyed plain, in a salad, as a garnish, or cooked.

Why It's Great

Fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free, good source of dietary fiber, excellent source of vitamin C.


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