Sugary beverages can make you sick

"Sugary drinks taste good and my kids love them."

Sugary beverages can make you sick
  • Some sugary beverages have as many as 20 teaspoons of sugar.

  • Drinking sugary drinks can cause tooth decay, weight gain, and diabetes.

  • Children who drink too many sweet drinks may be too full to eat healthy foods.

  • Don't "stock the fridge" with sugar-sweetened beverages. Instead, keep a jug or bottles of cold water in the fridge.

  • Even 100% juices are high in sugar and should be diluted with water.

Try This

Next time you have a sugary beverage, read the nutrition label to discover how much sugar you are drinking.  Divide the number on the label by 4 to find the teaspoons of sugar.

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Rethink Your Drink

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