Why is mayonnaise unhealthy?

Hello there!  Thanks for your question!  Mayonnaise is one of those pre-made ingredients that gets a lot of attention.  Many people are in the same boat as you on whether or not mayonnaise is unhealthy.  

Mayonnaise has about 90 calories per tablespoonand is high in fat but not saturated fat.  Most people are most likely eating more than one tablespoon of mayonnaise per meal.  Think about the pre-made tuna salad or chicken salad you order at a restaurant.  That recipe usually uses more than one tablespoon of mayonnaise.  So, you are most likely consuming more calories and more fat if you aren't watching the amount of mayonnaise.  The high calories and high fat can lead to some negative health outcomes, such as gaining weight, which can put you at a higher risk of other chronic illnesses.

There are some good alternatives for mayonnaise!

  • Light mayonnaise or low-fat mayonnaise is a good alternative.  It doesn't add sugar to make up for the loss in flavor in full-fat mayonnaise.
  • Many recipes that uses mayonnaise as an ingredient can be substituted for Greek yogurt, which usually has a lower fat content and adds protein.
  • Eggless mayonnaise, which uses canola oil or olive oil instead of the egg are just as flavorful as full-fat mayonnaise.  However, they usually are still high in calories.

The American Heart Association recommends eating a variety of fruits and vegetables and limiting high calories sauces that may accompany them.  Mayonnaise is a high calorie sauce and should be limited.  

I would definitely explore EatFresh.org's recipes to find recipes with light mayonnaise.  Try this one as a good alternative to potato salad.

Take care!