What sort of foods/snacks/fruits are best for doing a night shift so that you feel energised most of the night? I would also be very grateful if you could direct me to any websites/books. Thanks very much.

Hello and thank you for submitting your question!

Generally snacks that are rich in protein and fiber can help provide lasting energy, such as an apple with a handful of nuts or sliced veggies with a bean or yogurt dip. Try some of our snack recipes: Chickpea Dip with Fresh Vegetables, Trail Mix, Banana Sushi or Yogurt Parfaits.

How food affects our energy levels and makes us feel can vary from person to person. I encourage you to try a variety of foods and be mindful of how you feel while eating and afterwards during your night shift. You can also find more tips on eating to boost energy!

In addition to eating and snacking, there can be other ways to help you feel energized. Check out our Lifestyle pages for tips like this one: A healthy lifestyle can increase energy levels and improve concentration.

Hope this helps!