What is the minimum and maximum amount of sugar and sat-fat that someone who is trying to lower cholesterol should consume? I’ve been meticulously searching my local area for the least amount of sugar that is humanly possible and it’s driving me nuts.

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Unfortunately, there is no established minimum or maximum amount of sugar or saturated fat recommended for lowering cholesterol. Studies have suggested that saturated fat can affect cholesterol levels; however, nutrition research findings are controversial and limited. In addition to diet, there can be other factors that can affect your cholesterol levels, such as your age or genetics. If you have abnormal cholesterol levels or another related medical condition, I encourage you to discuss your health concerns with your doctor.


The Dietary Guidelines for Americans emphasize a healthy eating pattern that limits saturated fats and added sugars (as well as trans fats and sodium) and focuses on a colorful variety of food groups including fruits, vegetables and whole grains.1 Use MyPlate to help build a balanced diet! You can also check out our recipes with Low Added Sugar and tips on how to create more healthy habits on our Lifestyle page.

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