My daughter's father doesn't eat 'regular' food and its starting to make my daughter become more and more picky when it comes to what she eats. What can I make so that she'll actually eat and enjoy it.

Thank you for your question! Picky eating can occur throughout many stages- from toddlers to teens. It’s wonderful that you have your daughter’s health in mind so let’s take a look at a few resources that might be helpful for you:

Try finding easy cooking tasks your daughter can do by herself. Cooking the foods herself might make her more interested in eating them.

·        Depending on how old your child is:

o    You can help older kids make healthy choices by having healthy foods on hand and modeling healthy eating yourself!

o   If you have grade-schoolers, check out this article from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics with tips on how to steer your child towards healthier choices.

o   For toddlers, it’s important to remember that picky toddlers are totally normal.

If you’re wondering what to cook, check out these kid-friendly recipes! Try some Pita Pizzas or Fruit Smoothies to incorporate fruits and veggies in a fun way.

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