I've been doing keto for a while, IF 20:4 and OMAD before a meal I take some nuts. I'm 16 years old 180 cm and 89.9 kg, 3 h swimming 3 h ksw. How do I quit the keto diet eventually?

 Hello there and thank you for your question!

To quit the keto diet, you need to be willing to let go of it. If you are ready to break off this eating pattern and return to your normal eating habits, I suggest to do so gradually and allow yourself time to readjust to having foods that you have not had for a while.

At your age and level of physical activity, it is important you are consuming an adequate and balanced diet to fuel and nourish your body while you are still growing and developing into adulthood. The effects of intermittent fasting on the brain and body can vary from individual to individual and have not been clearly determined by science. Most of the current research on intermittent fasting has been conducted on animals, such as mice.1 More human studies are needed to investigate the long-term effects and health risks of intermittent fasting.

Since it might be a while until more research comes out, I suggest exploring our Lifestyle pages for simple ways that can help you feel good, perform your best and improve your overall health. Check out this page on how to increase energy levels and improve concentration or how to build a balanced diet.  

Hope this helps and good luck with your healthy journey!


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