Is it healthy to drink hot water everyday?

Hello there and thank you for your question!


This can depend on how much you are drinking. Generally, drinking water everyday is beneficial to health.1 If you are drinking water in amounts that meet (and does not overly exceed) your individual needs, drinking hot water everyday can be healthy (as long as it does not burn your tongue)!  


How much water your body needs can depend on your age, physical activity level, health condition and the weather.2 The Food and Nutrition Board recommends approximately 2.7 liters of total water for women each day, and approximately 3.7 liters of total water for men each day.2 Total water takes into account all beverages (including water, tea, coffee and juice) and foods you consume. Many fruits and vegetables are rich in water, such as oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers and spinach.


Whether it is hot or cold, water is the best source of hydration and an excellent alternative to sugary beverages! Check out our Lifestyle page on how to build drinking water into your routine and learn how sugary beverages can make you sick.


Hope this helps and stay hydrated!



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