I really need and want to start losing weight and I need a diet but I don't know what to take and not take. I'm 14 years old, 63 kg(139 lbs) and 161 cm(5' 2.8)

Hello and thank you for your question!

There are many other factors that influence your weight other than what you eat, such as your age, gender, level of physical activity and even stress.1 At your age, you are still growing into adulthood and this is a crucial time to nourish your body to give what it needs to for healthy growth.2 It may be helpful to think about why you feel the need and desire to diet and lose weight. Most diets that promise weight loss may not show promising results and may be harmful to your health and growth.

Our bodies are naturally wired to maintain a weight that is biologically ideal and healthy for us, also known as your “setpoint.”3 The system in which our brains and bodies work together to maintain our weight only works if we allow it to do so. Changes in our diet can negatively affect this system.

If you still feel the need and desire to lose weight, it may be helpful to explore the reason why. If it is for your health, there are many safe and scientifically proven ways to improve your health regardless of weight loss, such as eating a balanced diet, being physically active and getting a good night's sleep. If it is for acceptance or happiness, you deserve to be loved and happy no matter what size or shape you are!


Hope this helps and wish you well!



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