I need to pack lunch for a one year old not containing MSG, colorants, diary or tartazine. So can you please help me with a meal plan for her.

Hi there and thank you for your question!


We have a meal plan called 3 Simple Lunchtime Meals. All the recipes featured in the meal plan (and on our website) are free from MSG, colorants and tartrazine. The dairy for the Apple Turkey Gyro recipe is optional. However, it may be challenging for your child to eat if she hasn’t grown a full set of teeth!


I encourage you to create a meal plan of your own using our recipes. Consider ones that feature ingredients your child enjoys. You can use our recipe filter (found on the left hand side on the recipe page) to find kid-friendly, dairy-free recipes. You can also hover over the ingredients of a recipe to see the suggested substitutions. 


It can be challenging packing a lunch that restricts certain foods and food groups. If you need more guidance in creating a meal plan, you can ask your child’s pediatrician to refer you to a registered dietitian who can work with you more closely to plan meals and ensure your child is being nourished properly.


I hope this helps!