I need help with a perfect diet plan to gain lean muscle, but I can’t figure out one, can you help me?

Hi there, and thank you for your question!


Generally, consuming adequate calories and weight training can support muscle building - but only up to a certain extent. Genetics largely contribute to your body type, therefore, your body is naturally wired to maintain a weight and shape that is biologically ideal and healthy for you.1,2

Since there is not one perfect diet to gain lean muscle, consider focusing on diet quality, which refers to the nutrients from foods and beverages that can help provide energy and all the essential nutrients for growth and a healthy, active life! A high-quality diet includes a variety of food groups including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy protein and healthy fats. A high-quality diet can look a little different for everyone!

With your particular goal of building lean muscle, it may be helpful for you to explore sources of protein you can add to your diet like beans, nuts and seeds, and lean meats.


For more resources, you can explore our meal plans page and recipe pages. You may also find it helpful to consult with a registered dietitian who can work more closely with you to support your health and fitness goals.


Hope this helps!


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