I am mom of two and after my second child, my weight has gone up and I am struggling to get it back. Please help me.

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A healthy diet with daily physical activity can support with weight loss; however, there are many other factors that influence your weight, such as age, genetic makeup, metabolism and even stress.1 It can also take your body time to recover from having children, and pregnancy can cause lasting changes in the body.2 I encourage you to ask your doctor and health care team on safe and appropriate ways to help meet your goals as well as nutritional needs. 

I acknowledge it can be very difficult to fit in healthy eating and exercise as a busy mother. Try our Recipes with your family! We have over 400 budget-friendly, healthy recipes to choose from, and you can filter them to find a specific type that meets your needs, such as Kid-Friendly or Very Quick. I also encourage you to explore our Lifestyle pages! We have tips on cooking, general nutrition, physical activity and more to help you maintain a weight that is healthy for you and to improve the overall health for you and your family. Check out these pages:

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