How do I lose weight by eating healthy?

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This can depend on how you define "eating healthy." There are many ways to go about eating in a way that benefits our health because everyone makes different dietary choices based on their own preferences, culture, traditions and budget.


To lose weight, it is recommended to reduce the number of calories you consume from foods and beverages as well as increase physical activity.1 Rather than focusing on calories, focusing on diet quality, which refers to the nutritional value of foods and beverages, may be more beneficial to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.2 However, there are many other factors to consider that can affect weight, such as your genetics, environment and lifestyle.3


An eating pattern that provides high diet quality includes a colorful variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other food groups that are found on the Healthy Eating Plate. What you eat is only one part of a healthy lifestyle. Consider other factors that can benefit your health along with your diet such as physical activity and stress management. Explore our Lifestyle page to learn more on what you can do to build habits for long-term health and wellness!


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