Hello, when it comes to turkey bacon and pork bacon, why is turkey bacon better? Especially in children?

Hello there and thank you for your question!


In terms of nutrition, turkey bacon is not necessarily “better” than pork bacon (for children or any age group). Although turkey bacon can contain fewer calories and overall fat than pork bacon, both provide a roughly similar amount of nutrients. They  both contain a comparable amount of protein, certain vitamins and minerals but can also contain a relatively high amount of saturated fat and sodium, which can be harmful to our heart health. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans emphasize a healthy eating pattern that limits saturated fats and sodium (as well as added sugars) and focuses on a colorful variety of food groups including fruits, vegetables and whole grains.1


With foods, such as turkey bacon, that claim to be “better” or “healthy,” it is important to consider the nutrition facts as well as the portion size. Explore our Lifestyle page to learn more about sodium in foods and what you can do to build a balanced diet!


Hope this helps!



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