Hello, I want to lose weight but I'm fructophobic. Is there a diet/supplement that I can follow or use?

Hello and thank you for submitting your question!

There is no particular diet or supplement to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way that I am currently aware of (or support). Most diets and products on the market that promise weight loss may not show lasting results and often are supported by poor scientific data.  Decades of research show a majority of people who engage in restrictive eating habits are more likely to regain the weight they lost.1 Some even regain more weight than they lost.2

The pursuit of weight loss is not a practical nor a positive goal for everyone. There are many safe and scientifically proven ways to improve your health regardless of whether weight loss occurs, such as eating more balanced meals, being physically active and getting a good night's sleep. Take a look at our Lifestyle pages and learn tips on how to build a balanced diet, sneak in some exercise at work and set yourself up for a good night's sleep!

If fructophobia is affecting your health and you wish to work on your fears, I encourage you to ask your doctor about behavioral therapy to help you cope with your phobia.

Hope this helps!


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