Hello, I want to lose weight. I have read that for diet is good coffee as I drink it and in coffee I should put cinnamon, honey and coconut oil. My question is does this combination still work but without coconut oil? I cannot afford it.

Hello there and thank you for your question!


Currently, there is no combination of specific foods or ingredients that has been shown to result in sustainable weight loss. Therefore, this combination may not work for weight loss regardless if it contains coconut oil or not. To lose weight, it is recommended to reduce the number of calories you consume from foods and beverages as well as increase physical activity.1 When you are adding ingredients such as honey and coconut oil to your coffee, you are also adding calories. There are also many other factors to consider that can affect your weight, such as your genetics, environment and lifestyle.2  


Rather than focusing on a specific combination of foods or ingredients, focusing on your overall eating pattern can be more beneficial to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight that is right for you. Use MyPlate to help build a balanced diet! If you’re spending less money on expensive items like coconut oil, it can also be more budget-friendly! Check out our shopping and budgeting tips for helpful ways to save your food dollars!


What you eat is only a part of living a healthy lifestyle. Consider other factors that can benefit your health, such as physical activity, sleep quality and stress management. Explore our Lifestyle page to learn more on what you can start doing today for long-term health and wellness!


Hope this helps and good luck with your health journey!




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