Hello, I am a vegan and would like to know some good sources for protein? Thank you in advance. Have a Healthy Day...


Your question is an excellent one and I'm so glad you've come to EatFresh.org for answers. There are many different types of vegan protein foods that you can work on adding to your daily diet. EatFresh.org has a great selection of vegetarian dishes that are very easy to change into a vegan dish. For example, if the recipe calls for any animal product such as dairy, eggs, or meat, you can remove those foods and add more non-meat protein foods such as the ones listed below. 

Non-Meat Sources of Protein:

Please also make sure to refer to your primary healthcare providers to let them know about your vegan lifestyle. A vegan lifestyle requires great attention. It is very important that you are in close communication with your primary healthcare providers to make sure they are checking your body to see that it is receiving all the nutritients it needs.