Eating less unhealthy desserts. Love tapioca pudding, though. With the major brand, though, the tapioca pearls seem to turn to mush. Too much soaking or too much cooking? Do you have any healthy tapioca recipes?

Hello and thank you for your question!

This can depend on the brand and quality of the tapioca pearls, but they can become mushy for other reasons, including soaking for too long or overcooking. Store bought tapioca pearls can be tricky to cook. I suggest checking the label for cooking instructions because each brand of tapioca pearls may cook differently due to the ingredients and how they were prepared.

Try this Vietnamese Sweet Corn Pudding! It is a quick and sweet dessert made with tapioca pearls, cooked with corn and coconut. We do not have many tapioca recipes, but I encourage you to check out our website for more healthy desserts!


Hope this helps and have fun cooking!