Can we drink cold water to lose weight in summer or any other season? I'm totally confused between cold and warm water. Which type of water is best for weight loss?

Hello and thank you for submitting your question!

There is no strong science that supports the claim that the temperature of water can significantly aid in weight loss. Whether it is cold or warm, water is very beneficial (and essential) for your health (no matter what season it may be).1 I understand it can be confusing with the amount of health and nutrition information that we are exposed to and can find online. Continue to question health claims and consult with certified health professionals for information you can trust!


If you are interested in improving your health, I encourage you to consider shifting your focus from weight loss to your overall lifestyle. There are many ways to improve your health regardless of weight loss, such as having more balanced meals, becoming more physically active and managing your stress. Check out our Lifestyle pages for more tips!

Hope this helps!


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