Any possibility to drink mixture of 15 dates,4 apples,4 banana,1 litre milk, 2 lemon and 8 tablespoon honey?

Hello there and thank you for your question!


Technically yes, it is possible to drink this mixture of foods if you blend all the ingredients together. However, this entire mixture contains a very high amount of calories (approximately 3,100 calories) which is more than what most adults need in an entire day.


I suggest to divide this recipe into 12 servings, which would provide approximately 261 calories, 63g carbohydrates, 4g protein, 2g total fat and 5g fiber per serving. Dividing the recipe can also allow you to enjoy this mixture throughout the week and perhaps share with family and friends!


Making your own smoothies are a great way to add fruit (and even veggies) to your diet and can be a healthy treat for you to enjoy on-the-go. Check out some of our smoothie recipes, such as our Quick and Creamy Grape Shake or Green Smoothie!


Enjoy and hope this helps!