Foods Included



Tofu and tempeh are made from soybeans. They have been used in Asian cuisines for centuries. Both are a great source of plant protein. Tofu is white and ranges from jelly-like to very firm in texture. Tempeh is yellowish or gray and has a slightly sour taste.

Buy It

Always check the “use by” date before buying. Tofu is often sold in liquid, which should be clear. Choose silken tofu for use in drinks and sauces; choose soft tofu to add to soups; choose firm tofu for stir-fries and other savory dishes. Tempeh usually comes tightly wrapped.

Store It

Fresh tofu and tempeh products are usually stored in the refrigerator. Enjoy by the "use by" date. Most fou should be used within 3 days of opening; tempeh lasts about 10 days. Tofu and tempeh can also both be frozen for a few months.

Cook It

Blend silken tofu into smoothies, soups, or sauces for extra protein. Use tempeh or firm tofu cubes in place of meat in recipes. Marinate firm tofu for more flavor. Crumble firm tofu or tempeh into chili and stews. Bake tempeh and tofu "steaks" with your favorite sauce. Use these in meatless sandwiches and meals.

Why It's Great

cholesterol free, high in protein and minerals; tempeh is also an excellent source of potassium


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