Meal Plans

Meal Plan: 3 Slow Cooker Breakfast Dishes

Recipe 3

Slow cookers are not just for cooking dinner. Check out these morning treats to make breakfast easier.

Chef Tips

  • Add cooked egg to the Slow Cooker Polenta for some protein and avocado for some healthy fat.
  • Add canned pumpkin or warm spices, like nutmeg, to the Slow Cooker Oatmeal for extra flavor.

Storage Tips

  • There is truth behind the saying, "It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch."
  • Apples and other fruits such as pears produce ethylene gas as they ripen.
  • The gas emitted speeds up the ripening process for fresh produce, which can lead them to become too ripe or damaged.
  • Store apples separately in crisper in fridge to slow down the ripening process.