Why is there no cholesterol info listed for the recipes? Is there anyway that we can get that listed? I need the info to determine if the recipe is doable for me. Thanks!

Great question! Our recipes on EatFresh.org don't list cholesterol in the nutrition facts because the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans does not recommend a specific limit of cholesterol for a healthy diet. However, they do recommend eating a little dietary cholesterol as possible. Foods that are higher in dietary cholesterol (like fatty meats and high-fat dairy products) are also higher in saturated fats. Saturated fat should be limited to 10% of total calories per day. We do list saturated fat in the nutrition facts, so that would be your best guide for choosing recipes that work for you. Since the recipes we add to EatFresh.org must meet the recommendation for saturated fat (10% or less of total calories), you may find that the vast majority of our recipes will fit into your diet! I wish you the best.